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Quilt Show --- the entry form for the quilt show is under the exhibitors button. Just print it off. fill out and mail in by by Sept. 5.

The Tractor Pull scheduled for Saturday night has been cancelled. There will be antique tractors under the grand stand and on display near the grand stand for viewing.

The Stacking Hay demonstration will show the how either an overshot stacker or a beaverslide works. Spectators can walk across the street to the demonstration area at the Grant Kohrs Ranch or be transportated via wagon pulled by an antique tractor.

The Pioneer Power Association of Southwest Montana was organized by antique tractor enthusiast in 2000. The club enjoys annual participation in parades showcasing their machinery and hosts an annual antique tractor pull at the Tri-County Fair in Deer Lodge. Club members enjoy providing wagon rides to visitors at the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site Pumpkin Sunday event each fall. The club meets in the Deer Lodge Valley the first Monday of each month March through December.

For more information, contact club president, Clint Froke at 846-1696.

A featured activity at the 2013 Big Sky Draft Horse Expo is a haying demonstration put on by Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site. While the demonstration will be only on stacking loose hay, the following pictures record the process of putting up hay for winter feeding.

Grant-Kohrs Haying Demonstration will be Saturday, September 14, 2013.

Draft horses are used at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS to harvest and stack the annual hay crop. The stacks keep the hay preserved until winter when it is fed to the site’s livestock.
The hay harvesting process involves five steps: cutting, drying, raking, gathering, and stacking.

Upon reaching maturity in mid-summer, the hay is cut with a horse drawn mower. The team of horses, mower, and operator go round and round the field cutting a 5 foot swath with each round. Once the cut hay has dried, the draft horses are hooked up to either a side delivery or dump rake. The rakes are used to put the hay into long windrows. The horses are then hooked to a buckrake. The buckrake has fork like teeth that sweep under the windrows and gather them up into large hay piles. The piles are then taken by the buckrake to either an overshot or beaverslide hay stacker. The hay stackers utilize a pulley and cable system powered by horses to gain leverage to lift the hay piles off the ground and drop them into the haystack.
Demonstrations of the equipment used to harvest and stack hay will be given by Grant-Kohrs Ranch staff and horses.

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